We are a niche Search Firm, specialising in Audit and Risk Advisory, Audit Quality and Technical Standards, FAS including Valuations,  Forensic Services, Restructuring and Technology.

Within our six areas of practice, the breadth and depth of our specialist networks is unrivalled. We leverage our relationships and ensure all searches are supported by dynamic and in depth research.

We partner with our clients on a global scale, allowing them to unlock a truly international talent pool. We believe that talent knows no borders and we operate across the globe.

We believe that it is better to serve a select few expertly, rather than trying to be all things to all people. As a niche firm we are able to maintain deep networks with experience that is specific to our clients’ needs.

As our clients are limited to a select few we are not hampered by extensive client exclusions. We can perform as a firm with unlimited resources, working smarter to deliver better results in a reasonable time frame.

We take pride in our honest, effective and knowledgeable approach from the beginning of the search process through to the successful placement.

Through these qualities we strive for the most important part of our business, strong, ongoing relationships with our highly valued clients and candidates.